Fantasy Band: Fryars, singer

'Earl Sweatshirt's only 19, but he's the best rapper around'

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Vocals: Earl Sweatshirt

I have a very musical backing band and it would be nice to have a rapper with them. He's the best rapper. I think he's the youngest member of Odd Future – he's only about 19, but he's so much more articulate and creative with his phrasing than pretty much anyone else around.

Bass: Dave Richmond

He started in Manfred Mann, but went on to play the bass on most Serge Gainsbourg records, including Histoire de Melody Nelson. He's a wonderful bass player and definitely my favourite. I'm not sure how much Serge was just instructing him on what to do, but I'll give Dave the credit for it.

Rhythm section: J Dilla

He was one of the pillars of hip-hop. He played the drum machine live on all of his recordings – that's why they sound how they do, being not perfectly in time, which is what, I guess, gives it a particular feel. It's something that has moved into fashion in quite a big way.

Orchestra: John Barry

I won't list the whole orchestra, but he'd be in charge of it with all the arranging and conducting. I do like all of his jazzier stuff, but his Bond work was just incredible.

Guitar: Dave Longstreth

He's the frontman for Dirty Projectors and I think they're the best band. As a guitarist, he's developed a completely individual playing style which is intensely musical but not boring. While some of the band's work is lacking in emotion and sometimes goes a bit too far up its own arse, at its best it is better than anything around.

Fryars' new single, "On Your Own", is out now. Fryars play London's Islington Assembly Hall on 4 July