Fantasy band: Jessie Ware

‘Sade is my favourite. I love how British she is’


Vocals: Sade

Her voice is haunting, beautiful and sexy. She’s probably my favourite singer and I love how British she is. The melancholy in her voice is wonderful. She’s the perfect pop star to me.

Backing vocals: D’Angelo & Aaliyah

I saw D’Angelo live at Brixton Academy and it was such an exciting gig, his voice is incredible. He’s also very versatile and has so much soul. Aaliyah had the sweetest voice of any R’n’B singer I can think of. She was so beautiful as well.

Keys: Robert Glasper

He’s a jazz musician. I saw him play at the Barbican in London recently and he was so cool and very funny. He arranges songs really beautifully and I liked that he was wearing a Villa t-shirt.

Lead guitar: Dave Okumu

He produced my album but he’s also the best guitarist in the world. He’s in the band The Invisible too; they are just incredible. He’s also very, very good looking.

Drums: Steve Ferrone

He played on Chaka Khan’s stuff so he would bring the groove. Chaka Khan has just the right amount of sassiness so he’d be perfect.

Bass: Chuck Rainey

He played on one of my favourite Aretha Franklin albums, Young, Gifted and Black as well as Steely Dan’s “Peg” which is my favourite song of theirs.

Jessie Ware has collaborated with Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard; listen to their track at