Fantasy band: Julia Holter

'My mom can't play trumpet but I'd want her on it'

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Vocals: Guillaume de Machaut

He is a composer and poet from the Middle Ages so I have no idea what his voice sounded like but I can imagine it was lovely, because he wrote so many amazing melodies. He also was the perfect combination of smart and sexy because he wrote both serious sacred music and love songs. I imagine that his voice is very low and husky, but warm.

Drums: Robert Ashley

I don't think Robert Ashley plays the drums but I love how he sings and speaks so much that I think he could do something great with them. I imagine it would be irregular, it would be like speech and perhaps mostly kind of quiet and pleasantly mumbly.

Trumpet: My Mom

My mom doesn't play music at all, but if I had a trumpet I definitely would want her to play it, because of all the wonderful squeaky sounds she might make. She is not necessarily the most musical person, but she's the smartest person I know, so I know she'd do something perfect.

Piano: Rick Bahto

My friend Rick Bahto isn't a trained pianist – he's actually a really talented film-maker – but when he plays my piano sometimes at my house, it's amazing. His fingers sort of glide over the keys very gracefully and he just lets them go. But it's never harsh, it's always purposeful and very poetic somehow. It sounds like a trained pianist to me, ha ha!

Julia Holter's album 'Loud City Song' is out now