Fantasy Band: Julia Stone

'Stevie Nicks is such a great woman, so cool. Her voice is beautiful'

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Vocals: Stevie Nicks

She's so cool. I just watched a video of her getting her make-up done and she doesn't know she's being filmed and she breaks out into song. Her voice is beautiful. She's such a great woman.

Banjo: Scott Avett

I've chosen him not only because of how he plays but also because of how handsome he is. I don't know the Avett Brothers' music that well, I'm not a huge super fan, but I like a good ol' banjo in a band.

Rhythm guitar: Lowell George

He's the guitarist from Little Feat; my dad played their songs on the guitar all the time and I always remember him playing "Willin'", and I loved the finger-picking and the shapes of the chords..

Bass: Ash Moss

I saw Dark Bells, from Australia, the other night. I went to school with their bass player. I don't remember if he played music at school but he was up there playing the bass like a magician.

Piano: Thomas Bartlett

He does his own music as Doveman but he also plays with people like Antony and the Johnsons. Watching him play was an experience that really changed my life.

Drums: Patrick Carney

I love watching The Black Keys and I love Patrick's style; he plays quite aggressively. He's got a big character on stage and I love his sound. It's really gritty and dirty and loose.

Julia Stone's solo album 'By the Horns' is out now