Fantasy Band: Mary Epworth


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Drums: Lucas Sideras

He drummed for Aphrodite's Child, the Greek prog-rock legends. There were three of them in the band: him, Vangelis and Demis Roussos, so he's kind of the forgotten member, but he was a fantastic drummer and played really good grooves.

Synth Bass: Brian Wilson

I'd like 1976-77 Brian Wilson though. I ended up getting into the era when, for a lot of other people, it started to go a bit wrong. On the album The Beach Boys Love You, it's synth bass throughout, and it becomes a really dominant part of the record. It's really interesting and it's something I used a lot on my album.

Guitar: Mick Ronson

I tend to like quite unobtrusive guitar, maybe some really good rhythm playing that you hardly notice. I've been listening to a lot of Ziggy-era Bowie, and Ronson's solo albums too, and I love how he sings with the guitar; it's really melodic and expressive.

Keys: Jobriath Boone

He was the first openly gay pop star and I'm a big fan of his. A friend of mine made a film about him, which has just come out. He had this epic hyped-up beginning before crashing and burning. He was a wonderful keyboardist who was probably concert pianist level – but he went glam-rock.

Vocals: Dee Christopholus

He was the singer in a freakbeat band called Wimple Winch, who are a hugely collectible band because they put out a handful of seven inches and never made an album. The seven inches were so imaginative and fiery. He's a fantastic songwriter and has a wonderful voice.

Mary Epworth's album 'Dream Life' is out now on Hand of Glory Records. She plays Bestival, 7-9 September