Fantasy Band: Tom Vek


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Drums: Yuval Gabay 

For the backbone of my fantasy band I'd pick Soul Coughing drummer Yuval. All his grooves endlessly bounce along with extra detail and subtlety that makes most other drummers sound like swingless metronomes.

Double Bass: Jon Thorne 

Lamb's first two albums mesmerised me. Thorne's bombastic, sleazy bass would form the brooding musical foundation of the band.

Guitar: Jeff Buckley

Celebrated as a singer, Buckley was also a phenomenal guitarist. He'd lay down mournful chords one moment and tear up a solo the next.

Piano: Tori Amos 

Amos plays like she has ADD. Her deep tonal webs would result in some rad middle eights and outros.

Vocals: Mike Patton

The slicked-back-hair charmer from post-metal-thesps Faith No More has the capability to be screaming one second and crooning the next.

Tom Vek performs at the Parklife Weekender, Manchester, on 9 June ( His single 'You'll Stay' is available on iTunes now