Festival Guide 2012: Anyone for wedgintons? Festival fashion rules


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Let's get one thing straight: when it comes to what to wear at a festival, there are no rules, only preferences and free will.

Lads, if you choose to dress up as a superhero for laughs, go for it: just don't expect beer to convince any ladies of how gorgeous you are beneath. And ladies – heels? Unless you enjoy lengthy periods of pain and gathering unsightly lumps from the portable toilet floors, think twice.

Heed our favourite style icons: Kate Moss has single-handedly (via denim shorts and an assortment of waistcoats) managed to ensure that a large proportion of festival-goers now look chic. Florence Welch and Paloma Faith have added bold brights and stunning dresses. Then there's super-cool Serge Pizzorno from Kasabian in the men's camp. And speaking of camp, have you seen Henry Holland's unmissably bright shorts? There aren't many who can pull these off: You've been warned. Meanwhile here are our top-to-toe dos and don'ts...


Trilbies, panamas, floppy felt hats, straw hats and sports caps are all on trend. A hippie headband or head scarf look good and pay tribute to Woodstock. An umbrella is a must, but avoid the umbrella hat. Unless you're five, you look like a twit.


Ladies: denim shorts, dresses and jumpsuits, worn in pastel shades, bright colours and bold prints. Men: short shorts are a massive blunder. Stick with skinny jeans; Barbours and big knit jumpers are ideal when it gets cold. Avoid the onesie.


Military or biker boots look great with anything and are practical. Hunter wellies look great, and while wedge-heel welly may sound silly, they do offer a noticeable height boost:very useful for seeing the stage better. Indeed, "The Wedgington" could well rule summer 2012.