Gig of the week: The Stone Roses, Heaton Park, Manchester


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After a few lofty "resurrection" headlines too many, the Roses reach the UK, secret warm-up gig aside – and turn out to be human, after all.

At the reunion's launch in 2011, the band's warm wit cut through the PR guff that often attends such events. It helped that they had observed a proper period of mourning before regrouping – unlike bands for whom "break-up" now means "a break until the reunion", friendships seemed at stake, a fragile chemistry poised on ideals of what bands are.

YouTube views of the gigs so far suggest that's a shared ideal, generations loudly united under the alchemical uplift of Mani and Reni's grooves, John Squire's fizzing guitar heroics, Ian Brown's every-bloke insouciance, and the often lovely songs that shaped the "second summer of love".

Assuming Brown doesn't diss Reni again, it'll be that shared idealism that hoists their homecoming to great heights. And if he fluffs a note, well, he's only human – and you probably won't hear it over the crowd, anyway.

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