Hey you, get off my cloud – but do join my Twitter feed...

Despite having been the targets of ageism since about 1977, The Rolling Stones' ability to conjure up momentum – not least exorbitant ticket prices – shows no sign of abating. With the group half a century old, and boasting a combined age of roughly 904, social media was a very different place when they last hit the road five years ago (Friends Reunited anyone?).

The relentless manner by which the Stones brand of 2012 has invaded Twitter of late confirms that one of entertainment's most formidable marketing machines of the past 50 years remains at the height of its powers. For those of us unwilling to fork out hundreds for the honour of seeing ol' Jumpin' Jack Flash strutting his stuff on a stage half a mile away, there has been a live Twitter feed of shows, exhaustive in its mission to highlight exactly what the more skint and miserly end of the fan base is missing.

As for the excitable boffin curiously employed to tweet us the lyrics of Brown Sugar during the gigs, I may have judged the said individual harshly.