'I'm having a fantastic time, but I'm a bit lost': festival-goers in their own words

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Amy Smith, 24, stallholder

It's my fourth time here and I think it is a wicked festival. My best moment has been going down to the Arcadia stage and the Shangri La field. Walking around in the sludge isn't much fun but you soon get used to it. The festival is definitely as good as it used to be. It's pretty hard not to have a good time.

Donna Floyd, 28, PA

This is my second time here and it has been absolutely huge. I'd say the best moment has been all the bands. There have been so many brilliant names this year. Thursday night had the best music so far, Los Albertos. There's never anything bad here, although I fell over last night and twisted my back. A bit of pain today but some painkillers sorted it.

Santosh Singh, 25

This is my first Glastonbury and initially I didn't like it because of the mud but now the sun's out. Best moment so far has been The Chemical Brothers. Worst moments have been getting stuck in the mud and queueing for ages to charge my phone. I didn't see U2 but I would have booed Bono.

Lauren Cox, 24, consultant

This is my third Glastonbury in a row and I've managed to see all the bands I wanted to so far. My best moment has been Mumford & Sons. My worst has been slushing through the mud and my friend falling face down in the mud. It's as good as it used to be, definitely.

Tony Hogg, 37, joiner

I'm having a fantastic time but I'm a bit lost ; I can't find anyone. The best moment was Beardyman. The worst has been the rain but nothing else. I can't complain. We're British so we just get on with it and have a good time. I have managed to avoid the mud so far.

Hayley Moore, 25, charity worker

I've hardly seen any bands but I have seen a lot of circus acts. My best moment was when I made flower garlands for people in a tent.