Indie duo Cordell and Furze are back in the Pink


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During musical predictions season there is little time to consider the fates of those acts tipped for greatness in previous years. Take indie duo The Big Pink. Three years ago, on the back of one well-received single, they were shortlisted for the BBC's Sound of 2009, then given the NME award for best new act.

In the same year, they signed to 4AD to record debut album, A Brief History Of Love, whose narcotic haze and surging guitars made some impact without the crossover success such plaudits might have hinted at. Still, multi-instrumentalist Milo Cordell and singer/guitarist Robbie Furze returned to the studio to devise the more optimistic and vital Future This.

Was the hype that preceded their debut album helpful in hindsight? "Maybe in the end it became a negative," admits Cordell. "A lot of it happened before we had done anything or had proved ourselves as a band."

Having just released Future This, which was preceded by the single "Stay Gold" in October last year, Cordell denies there is a concerted plan to ease back into things. "It doesn't feel very different to the last time. Maybe we didn't live up to some expectations people saw in us, which wasn't our fault."

"We were just starting out," Furze concedes. "But now we're ready to show what we can do as a band."

Certainly, its follow-up sees the duo in a more extrovert state of mind.

'Future This' is out now. "Hit the Ground (Superman)" is out on Monday