Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins selects his fantasy band

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Drums - John Convertino

I think I'd like to see John Convertino from Calexico playing drums. He has a pretty awesome style; it's smart drumming but without ever overplaying. It can be a focal point without being a distraction. You can hear how good he is on any Calexico record.

Guitar/Vocals - Emil Svanängen

He records and performs under the name Loney, Dear. I think he's a really, really underrated songwriter. He creates a mood with his songs which is just really nice. He's a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. He'll be rhythm guitar and vocals in my band. He's here for the writing. He probably shreds on his own, it seems that all Scandinavians can just shred on a whim, but they choose not to sometimes. I saw him opening for Andrew Bird and I hadn't heard the band before so I really wasn't expecting it, but he blew me away.

Guitar/Vocals - Leslie Feist

I need a girl, let's put some oestrogen in there. Leslie Feist is another person who can be so versatile. In the collaborations I've heard her do with bands like Kings Of Convenience she can either be up-front or have musicianship enough to just hang back and be in the background, doing what the song needs. She has great respect for the song's direction, whatever type of song it is, and I think that's great.

Bass - Joe Lally

I'd put Joe Lally from Fugazi in the band. He is just as solid as they come and has a great rhythmic sensibility and sense of authority. He's interesting without being derivative of any genre or specific style. He has his punk and dub influences for sure, but he doesn't let those get in the way. It's everything bass playing should be.

Guitar/Key/Drum - David Bazan

How about another utility player to throw in there, why not? It's a pretty crazy band I'm building up here, but let's put David Bazan in. Right now he's solo but he used to play in Pedro The Lion. He's another guitar-player and singer, drummer and pianist, so he can rotate around the stage. I like bands that have multiple voices, multiple perspectives like Sebadoh, or Fugazi for that matter.

Jimmy Eat World's new album, 'Invented', will be out on 27 September and features the single "My Best Theory". The band tour the UK in November