Justin Bieber scores one over teachers in Norway

Exams have been moved to avoid clashing with the superstar's concert

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The news that schools in Ålesund, Norway, have rescheduled their mid-term exams so as not to clash with a Justin Bieber concert in Oslo might prompt a big fat “WHAT?” from those who lived through Beatlemania, the heady days of Duran Duran or fainted at the sight of Gary Barlow in the early 1990s. But things have changed in the pop world. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of  the Belieber army, as the Norwegian government found out last year to its embarrassment.

In May, fans of  the pint-sized pop princeling massed in such numbers and with such red-faced, panting enthusiasm that 49 were injured and the Oslo police threatened to declare a state of  emergency. Gulp.