Kill Bill meets Big Chill: Vol 1

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This year's Big Chill festival promises to be a vintage edition with headliners Kanye West and The Chemical Brothers. Further down the bill comes an intriguing slot with a name less familiar on such line-ups: The Bullitts feat. Jay Electronica & Lucy Liu. Yes, the Hollywood star of Kill Bill: Vol I and Charlie's Angels is set to appear on the same stage as Robert Plant and Steel Pulse.

Bullitts is the brainchild of producer and writer Jeymes Samuel, who has previously crafted tracks for the likes of Jay-Z, Cee-Lo Green and Charlotte Gainsbourg. For his forthcoming album They Die By Dawn he has called upon the services of Tori Amos and Mos Def – and Liu to act as narrator. She is also down for the project's live debut at the festival next month.

With Bullitts, Samuel combines his twin loves of hip-hop and film soundtracks, so unsurprisingly he is aiming to make it an immersive experience. Liu plays the role of Amelia Sparks, a character on Death Row for a murder she or may not have committed, whose story is being told via a parallel Twitter feed. In Samuel's telling, the recruitment of a glamorous actor was simplicity itself. "She heard the music, read my pitch and really liked it. The thing you have to remember about Lucy is that she's into painting and sculpture, so I think she liked the multimedia aspect of it."

The Bullitts' single "Landspeeder" is out on Monday on X Records. They perform at the Big Chill, Herefordshire ( on 6 August