My Edinburgh: Scott Mills, Radio 1 DJ

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I came up to the Fringe last year and it was the most incredible week of my career so far. I couldn't get my head around the scale of it. Literally everywhere in the city becomes a venue.

Radio 1 had wanted to do something at the festival for a while but there was a worry that listeners might perceive it as being a little bit arty-farty. We decided to do my show from the Fringe for a week. We had guests that our listeners would know, but also some of the random things up here to give a flavour of the Fringe. The world's No 1 Madonna impersonator and the Faulty [sic] Towers – the Dining Experience lot stick in my mind.

We also put on Scott Mills: The Musical for three nights at the Pleasance and got five-star reviews – no one was more surprised than us. The buzz was amazing. This year I'm doing my radio show up here again all week and I'm performing in The Bjorn Identity, a musical inspired by the ridiculous success of Mamma Mia! I play Jason Bjorn, a CIA assassin with a penchant for the music of Abba.

Last year I went to see our musical director's show Desmorphia. It was basically him in drag singing songs about the colour white. That's the joy of the Fringe – there can be four people in the audience and there's a guy on stage, really going for it as if his life depended on it.

It's hard to describe what it's like being at the Fringe. It's almost like being on holiday – even though you're working really hard. It's one of the best holidays I've ever had.

'The Bjorn Identity', Thursday 19th August, 9.30pm, Maggie's Chamber (0131 622 6801); Scott Mills is broadcasting live from the Fringe every day this week, Radio 1, 4pm to 7pm.