My Fantasy Ban: Kit Downes, Kit Downes Trio

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Vocals - Bjork

I think she has one of the most beautiful voices anywhere in this trade (below): it's personal and it's very distinct. I probably got into her about four years ago. I especially love her early albums such as 'Debut' and 'Post'; she can write beautiful songs so well.

Guitar - Bill Frisell

He's a jazz/blues guitarist, he does a lot of wicked stuff with electronics and he's made some very beautiful albums that I've been into for as long as I've liked jazz, really. He's a master of guitar sounds and is very melodic.

Guitar - Chris Montague He does a different thing to Bill. He does a lot with loops and electronics. He's a young guy from London who's on the UK jazz scene, he's really amazing and I'm sure will be very big in the future.

Piano - John Cage

He was a classical composer but he wrote a load of stuff for prepared piano, which is when you put interesting items inside the piano that affect the sound and can make it sound metallic. Often, you put nuts and bolts in and it transforms the sound. I love his piano music. He was a very cool guy.

Drums - Greg Saunier

He plays drums for Deerhoof, the alt-rock band from San Francisco. I love the band but my favourite thing about them is the drumming. It's really explosive but totally bonkers and really groovy. They've got a really nice sound on the drums.

Interview by Gillian Orr

Kit Downes Trio's Mercury Prize-nominated album, 'Golden', is out now.