My Fantasy Band: Adam Levine Maroon 5


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Drums - John Bonham

He's the best; he's my favourite drummer of all time. For Led Zeppelin, he played really heavy but he could also have a bit of a light touch; he was really dynamic. He's pretty much perfect.

Bass - Paul McCartney

Everyone knows him as other things, as something more than a bass player, whether it's as one of the Beatles or as a solo artist or for his songwriting, but I'm not sure everyone realises quite what a phenomenal bass player he is. Like tons of people I grew up on The Beatles; 'Abbey Road' is probably my favourite album of theirs. Although it's kind of impossible to choose a favourite. Having him and John Bonham would be the best rhythm section I could possibly imagine.

Guitar - Prince

I love that this band consists of a bunch of singers too because these guys are underrated in these particular areas. It's a pretty powerful line-up. I've actually had the privilege of playing with him before; it was a very fun, very casual jam session at his house. It was amazing, definitely one of the coolest nights I'd had in a long time.

Vocals - Stevie Wonder

What do you want me to say about him? Stevie Wonder (below) can sing anything and he has so much diversity. If we need him he can play keys too, so this really is the best band that could possibly exist. Everybody's got different roots and you gotta admit it would be pretty incredible to have had these four together.

Maroon 5's single "Moves Like Jagger", featuring Christina Aguilera, is out now