My Fantasy Band: Adam Young, Owl City


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Vocals - Shaquille O'Neal

I am a product of the late Eighties and early Nineties, so was a huge fan of the old Shaquille O'Neal rap albums. It was like, "You're a world-famous athlete, so here's a microphone, let's make a rap record and we'll make a lot of money." He was surprisingly good – it's really hard not to smile when I think of him.

Bass - Hulk Hogan

He released a record in 1995 called 'Hulk Rules'. It was really passionate and angry. It was all about pro-wrestling and him being unbeatable – very arrogant but in a likeable way. He played bass guitar on that record so I'd like to have him.

Guitar - Tom DeLonge

Blink 182's guitarist was a big influence on me growing up in junior high. I'm 24 now so when that record 'Enema of the State' was huge in 1999, that was the biggest thing in the world to me and one of the reasons why I started playing guitar.

Drums - Travis Barker

I'm choosing another Blink 182 person. He has this really catchy, poppy drumming technique blended with a really technical, experimental vibe sometimes. I love the way he drums patterns in a way that a guitar player would write a riff.

Keys - Matt Thiessen

He's in a band called Relient K and he's a good buddy of mine. He's great at piano and keyboards. If I showed up to practice and all these guys on my list were there it would be completely unproductive and everyone would get into fights. But it would be the funnest day of my life.

Owl City's new album 'All Things Bright And Beautiful' is released on 13 June (