My Fantasy Band: Alan Donohoe, The Rakes

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Vocals - Woody Allen
I'll have him sing songs by Morrissey. They both have a deep, inquisitive outlook on life. Woody plays clarinet in a jazz band so he must be a bit musical but I think it's more important with singing to have character than to have an Alexandra Burke falsetto.

Bass - Paul McCartney
Not just because of his great musical CV or that he helps animals but because he wrote "Live and Let Die" in just one weekend. I find that particularly impressive.

Drums - Phil Selway
He uses only a four- or five-piece drum kit but after all these albums, he still comes out with fresh sounds. Also, he's always just the "drummer from Radiohead", so I want to give him some recognition. Get that man's name in print.

Piano - James Rhodes
I think he'll be the man to wrestle the piano from the girly clutches of Coldplay and Keane. He has a bit of attitude and is pretty young for a classical pianist. He has a really interesting history and had a rough childhood. He's demystifying music a bit, he'll go for a drink with fans after gigs, like The Libertines did.

Guitar - Bon Iver
I listened to his album a bit. I don't think he's the best guitarist in the world, I just think someone needs to get him out of that wooden shack. Woody can cheer him up.

The Rakes' new single, "1989", is out on 16 March and their new album, 'Klang', is out on 23 March