My Fantasy Band - Alison Mosshart, The Kills

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Vocals - Captain Beefheart
Captain Beefheart, or Don Van Vliet, to give him his real name, is the greatest. He sounds haunting, forceful, confident and humorous, of the future and of the past, all wrapped up in one whip of the tongue.

Guitar - Guy Picciotto
He played with Fugazi and Rites of Spring, and he can dance like no one else. He's like a skinny James Brown. Or maybe an electrocuted ballerina. He's wonderful on stage, and just incredible to watch.

Drums - Moe Tucker
The Velvet Underground's Moe Tucker is good, but she doesn't show off or care about cymbals.

Bass - Kim Gordon
Let's have Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth because she's cool, wonderful and straight-faced, spins like a top, and I reckon she should sing a bit with Van Vliet.

Performing - 'Harry Irene' by Captain Beefheart
Van Vliet and Gordon should do a duet version of "Harry Irene" from Captain Beefheart's 'Shiny Beast'. I'd really like to see that.