My Fantasy Band: Bashy

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Vocals - Bob Marley
When you watch his performances you see he was a genuine star. He was socially aware and all legendary artists usually stand for something or break the mould in some way. He really raised Jamaica into the worldwide consciousness.

Vocals - Marvin Gaye
He could do back-up for Bob and I want him for a similar reason. Maybe he could sing the second verse or something, like a group would. I grew up listening to him.

Vocals - Michael Jackson
He is the consummate entertainer and everyone would come to watch his performance. Sadly, I never got to see him play, but I've been into him since I was little.

Rapper - Lauryn Hill
For me, she is the perfect example of a female rapper; I haven't heard anyone who can do it as great as she can. She could bring a female energy that women would relate to. She stands for something as well; her message is very conscious.

Various instruments - Femi Kuti
I had the most wonderful opportunity to perform with him in Nigeria and he can play so many instruments. I reckon he would be a good piece for the jigsaw. He can play the sax, drums and keys. He really carries on his father's legacy.

Bashy's single "When the Sky Falls" is out now. Bashy stars in the movie 'Shank' (released 26 March) and contributes to its soundtrack (released on Monday)