My Fantasy Band: Ben Gibbard Death Cab for Cutie


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Vocals - Joe Tex

Not only does Joe Tex have one of my favourite voices of all time, but he's also the undisputed king of the "talk down". This band will need a singer who can freestyle a talking bridge when we're too lazy to actually write one.

Lead Guitar - Richard Lloyd

I'm a huge fan of his work in Television – obviously – but he's also the secret weapon on Matthew Sweet's 'Girlfriend', which is one of my all-time favourite records. His solo record 'Alchemy' is pretty fantastic as well. We'll need some bendy, spindly guitar work to compliment Joe's pipes.

Rhythm Guitar - Peter Buck

Please note, I mean no disrespect to Peter by relegating him to rhythm guitar! Truth be told, he is THE reason I started playing guitar. Growing up in the US in the late 80s/early 90s I was convinced I couldn't be in a band unless I could play ripping guitar solos. Peter's playing with R.E.M. opened my eyes to the error of my young mind and I am forever grateful for his influence on me.

Bass - Simon Gallup

The Cure might be the only band to which I sing the bass lines. Simon Gallup has such an amazing tone and it always seems to cut right through the myriad guitar lines. Plus we'll need someone who can pull off wearing leather trousers (at 51!). Lord knows I can't.

Drums - Animal

I can't imagine I'm the first person to include Animal from the Muppets in my fantasy band but hey, it's a fantasy, right? We're gonna need some Neanderthal-esque power behind the kit to balance out this very cerebral band. Plus he can sing backing vocals like a boss!

'Keys and Codes Remix EP' is out on 21 November. Death Cab for Cutie are currently touring the UK (