My Fantasy Band: Benjamin Francis Leftwich

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Vocals: Bruce Springsteen

I think he's absolutely amazing and he's my all-time favourite performer. I've only seen him play once, in Hyde Park a couple of years ago, but it was incredible. One of my favourite concerts I've ever been to. His first work that I came across was the album 'Nebraska' – to this day it's still one of my favourite albums of all time. I love the mellow, chilled vibe on it. I guess he could have an acoustic guitar as well.

Vocals: Tom Petty

I only really got into his stuff a couple of months ago, but he's another amazing songwriter and I'd love to see him play live at some point. I'm going to listen to him a lot on my tour; he's great to have playing when you're on the motorway.

Vocals: Jay-Z

I love Jay-Z, he's an amazing musician. I've never been too into rap and hip-hop, but he nails it and he's really on it lyrically. I'd like to see him in a group like this.

Band: Sigur Rós

I want the whole of the band Sigur Rós playing with them as well. I love the really spacey, trippy vibe they have in their music; it's really nice music to get lost in. It's really clever and their music just gives me shivers. I want their more spacey, orchestral stuff so maybe we'll lose their drummer.

Tambourine: The Edge

Now we're drummer-less, it would be nice to give the band some rhythm so let's get U2's The Edge on tambourine. He'd be able to fill that space and he seems a pretty cool guy. Is this a weird line up?

Benjamin Francis Leftwich's album 'Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm' is out now. He tours the UK from 30 October: see