My Fantasy Band: Christian Zucconi, Grouplove


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Drums - Picasso

I've always wondered what he could do with a pair of sticks.

His style was always developing: both detailed and gestural, figurative and abstract. I can only imagine how unique his drums would sound. Maybe he would even build his own set? We'd just have to keep young women away from him while we're on tour so they don't distract him from the show.


Bass - Frank Sinatra

I'm talking about Sinatra in the Forties when he was top of the charts and a teen heartthrob. He has smooth sailing classic New York gangster moves that I would love to see him translate to the bass.


Guitar - Neil Young

You know when you are certain that you would hit it off with someone musically and personally? Neil's my guy. He would be a perfect band mate on stage and on the road. His unique and fearless style of playing guitar, his songwriting, and his knowledge of sound has forever moved and inspired me. I have also always admired and understood his ability to keep his life outside of music private.

Lead vocals - Björk

I love her delivery and the emotional scope it covers. She can take you from feeling so grand and lush and alive to a completely quiet place in seconds. She will scold you, then soothe you, then start a riot with you and you haven't even met her yet. She also has the most insane stage wardrobe that enhances her essence ten fold.


Guitar - Myself

Why would I put this dream band together and not be in it? What's the fun in that? Neil can solo as much as he wants. We could sing harmonies with Björk too, and look over at Picasso and Frank jamming. It's kinda like the Woody Allen film 'Midnight in Paris', but instead 'Midnight in Crackers Town'.


Grouplove's single "Colours" is out on Monday. Their album 'Never Trust a Happy Song' is out now. They are currently touring the UK and play London's Garage on 28 February (