My Fantasy Band: Chuck Prophet


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Frontman - Brian Marnell

He was the singer with SVT, a San Franciscan new wave band; I've gone for an all San Franciscan line-up here. He died in 1983, but he was impossibly good-looking, with black hair falling all over his face.

Vocals & bongos - Bobby Freeman

Of "Do You Want to Dance?" fame, which was later covered by Lennon, the Ramones and the Beach Boys. A full-blooded Choctaw, he went to Polytechnic High, across from Kezar Stadium. Sly Stone wrote songs for him. Is that a pedigree or what?

Guitar - East Bay Ray

He was the guitarist for Dead Kennedys. He played that surf guitar through an Echoplex that was totally out of time.

Bass and Drums - Lance and Chris Campbell

These brothers played drums and bass for Fast Floyd and the Famous Firebirds. There are a lot of brothers about, but not many of them can make up such a solid rhythm section.

Pedal Steel - Jerry Garcia

He played with the Grateful Dead, but he's not around anymore. I once shook his hand. It felt like a catcher's mitt.

Saxophone - Jeffrey Lee Pierce

He was part of the punk band The Gun Club. Although he was usually on guitar, on special occasions he would whip out the sax. He was the kind of guy who'd dye his hair in the bathroom of a KFC.

Chuck Prophet's new album, 'Temple Beautiful', is out now. He tours the UK from 10 April, including playing London's Dingwalls on 12 April. See for details.