My Fantasy Band: Damian Kulash OK Go

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Drums - John Bonham

I think super bands are usually awful because the people are all so good at their specific thing and too expert – and don't really need things from each other in a creative or collaborative way. Having said that, the only thing that has to be really, really perfect in a rock band is the rhythm section, so John Bonham is on drums. I'm sure he's in everybody's, but in my fantasy band all the drums are made by John Bonham but produced by Daft Punk.

Vocals - David Foster Wallace

I've never heard his voice; I don't know what his voice sounded like – but he's the best writer of the last 50 years. We'd have to figure out whatever the limits of his voice are. He was such a wildly creative person and obviously lyrics wouldn't be such a big problem for him, so I would like to see what he does if made to sing.

Bass - George Porter Jr

He was bass player in The Meters, but he's performed and recorded with a bunch of people like Robbie Robertson, Paul McCartney and Patti Labelle. He's old hands.

Guitar - Zach Galifianakis

The actor will be the novice. The spirit of the band is between him and Wallace; everything they touch seems to just go right. They're clearly the types of creative people who solve problems in interesting ways and think about the world in interesting ways. I don't want people who are too expert already; so now they've been given the musical tools to get the sounds out we'll see what they can do. I know it's not a very standard rock band set-up...

I think the standard format works well when all those people have to figure out how to make something perfect together. When all those super gods, like Prince, Costello or McCartney are in a room together, you actually don't get anything very good because all of them can do it all by themselves already; there are no problems for them to solve that they haven't already figured out.

OK Go play Thekla, Bristol, tonight; and Jodrell Bank, near Manchester, with the Flaming Lips on Saturday (