My Fantasy Band: Drew Christopherson Poliça

'It'd be hilarious to see Prince on the drums, dressed in a ridiculous outfit'
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Guitar: Jonny Greenwood

I would consider not having a guitarist at all, but Jonny Greenwood has a style and tone that is unbelievably good. His control over that instrument is gorgeous. I would love to see him toy with some genres he's not so used to.

Keyboards/ sequencers: Damon G Riddick (aka Dam-FunK)

He's a modern-day Dr. Fink. DaM-FunK can conjure up the greatest sounds from the Seventies and Eighties synth funk, while filtering out the horrible ones.

Bass: James Jamerson

He's the quintessential Motown bass player. Jamerson is practically responsible for the fact that soul/R'*'B has the smoothest vibe of all time. No matter how crazy the band may get, Jamerson would keep it moving smoothly.

Vocals: Andre 3000

Andre's ability to flip from genre to genre and still dominate is unparalleled. Not to mention his incredible style and showmanship. It's incredibly sad that this guy isn't putting out records every year. I know he has a lot of work behind him, but talent like that should not rest.

Drums: Prince

Perhaps this is indulgent on my part, but I think it would be hilarious to see Prince back there on the drums, dressed in his most ridiculous outfits. He certainly can play them well, as you can hear on "Dirty Mind". He could take out his frustration that he's not fronting the band and channel it towards playing sweet beats. It would be amazing to watch.

Poliça's new single "Lay Your Cards Out" is released on 5 November. They tour the UK from 2 November (