My Fantasy Band: Dylan LeBlanc

'Randy Newman has a kind of old-school, ragtime way of playing'

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Drums: Jim Keltner

He is one of my favourite session musicians and live musicians, and he's played on tons of my favourite records, including a lot of The Beatles' solo work. He also played on a bunch of Neil Young records I love. He has a really cool feel.

Bass: Klaus Voorman

He's a graphic artist and bass player. He was in Manfred Mann for a while; he also played on most of the post-Beatles albums, too. He has a really cool, bouncy style. He designed a lot of The Beatles' cover art, too, like Revolver. He's just an amazing guy.

Guitar: James Burton

I love him because he can play just about anything. He was on Emmylou Harris's Pieces of the Sky and he played one of my favourite solos on “Too Far Gone”. It was so good I thought it was a steel guitar.

Piano: Randy Newman

He has a kind of old school, 1920s, baroque style – almost like ragtime. I love the way he plays, and he's also a great singer. He'd add a lot, for sure.

Steel Guitar: Pete Drake

In 1964, he put out a solo record that had a hit on it called “Forever”; it's one of my favourite songs. He also played on George Harrison, Tammy Wynette and Bob Dylan records. He bridged the gap between rock'n'roll and country. He had a real minimalist style and played really pretty stuff. Everybody loved him.

Vocals: Irma Thomas

I love that song “Time Is on My Side” and she stands out from a lot of other female singers, especially from the Sixties. She's bad ass and I love her voice. On backing vocals I'd have Sharon Jones and Emmylou Harris.

Dylan LeBlanc's new single “Brother” is out on Monday