My Fantasy Band: Eric Pulido, Midlake

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Vocals - Harry Nilsson

He had this seemingly effortless, amazing voice that just kills me. And I recently watched this documentary 'Who is Harry Nilsson? (And Why is Everyone Talkin' About Him)' and it just made me fall in love with him and his songs even more. His persona and his creativity were just completely amazing.

Drums - Ringo Starr

I really like drummers that are musical and Ringo Starr epitomises that for me. He's inventive but simple and solid when he needs to be and his drums always sound great. Some, like myself, think he's the best and he's amazing and then others think he's overrated and not as skilled. I think it's a matter of how you look at music. There needs to be vibe and emotion.

Bass - John Paul Jones

His bass playing would be enough but he'd also be my utility man in the band because he plays so many instruments. He's a great rock bassist but he's also got that element of soul and R'n'B. You can tell he's been influenced by a lot of that. That sits perfectly in Led Zeppelin.

Keyboards - Richard Manuel

I love The Band, they're one of my favourite groups of all time. If I had to choose one member it would be Richard Manuel and I'd have him doing vocals too. Everything about his playing and his voice evokes this tortured soul and he had impeccable feel. He really was the cornerstone of The Band.

Guitar - Neil Young

There are so many guitar players around, so this is a hard decision. This guy is the triple threat though: great songs, great vocals and great guitar. I recently went back and listened to his first three albums back-to-back. There aren't all that many people I could do that with.

Midlake's Late Night Tales album is out now.