My Fantasy Band - Frankmusik

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Vocals - Terry Kath
He was the lead singer in Chicago. Their song "Street Player" is one of my all-time favourite disco dance tunes. He died from an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Guitar - Jimi Hendrix
I wouldn't ever have a guitar in my own band, but I'd love to see Jimi Hendrix. He lived with a guitar round his neck. You can tell that he was so passionate about what he did, and he had such character. He really was a genius.

Programmer/ keyboards - Jeff Lynne
Electric Light Orchestra are amazing and Jeff did pretty much everything in that band. He made some insanely good music and he really furthered production as a whole, creating this epic sound. They're my favourite band of all time.

Drums - DJ Shadow
It's going to be on an Akai sampler, because it's easier than having a drummer. DJ Shadow pushed the boundaries on editing drum samples. He messed around with what live drumming was.

Musical director - Prince
I love the hype that he has around him. He's great and I'd love for him to make the live show have the same air of decadence and ridiculousness that his do.

Frankmusik's album, 'Complete Me', is released on 22 June