My Fantasy Band - Irwin Sparkes, The Hoosiers

'I want someone with great range and a good proper howl'
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Vocals - Prince

One of the most famous, best voices in modern pop and rock, with such different styles, and I want someone with great range and a good proper howl. It would be nice if he sang with Guy Garvey from Elbow – he has one of the most beautiful voices.

Lead Guitar - Django Reinhardt

He made the guitar widely accepted as the lead instrument in jazz, I suppose. He was one of the first guitar heroes, and even now when you hear his recordings, there is so much character in them that you know it's him playing straight away, which is always remarkable in instrumentation. Also, the fact that he's playing with two fingers is incredible. Two fingers and a lot of heart.

Rhythm - Guitar Del Marquis

He plays in Scissor Sisters and he's got an amazing choice of notes because most of it is very synth-driven, and so the guitar is really just filling in the gaps. I've noticed that live, he's a great performer: all those choreographed moments are a pleasure to watch. If I could play with anyone else, it would be him. They allow room for the guitar solos and the songs are so well put together.

Bass - Stuart Zender

In terms of phrasing, he's an absolute natural and so gifted. He was 18 or something when he started playing with Jamiroquai; he was a real prodigy.

Drums - Stevie Wonder

I'm tempted to go with someone like Stevie Wonder, because he originally started on the sticks, and from what I've heard, he really sounds great, has an interesting feel and really full of character. I know that he plays most of the instruments on a lot of his tracks. I missed him at Glastonbury; I was watching it at home green with envy, praying for rain.

The Hoosiers' new single, 'Choices', is out on 1 August and their latest album, 'The Illusion of Safety', is released on 16 August