My Fantasy Band: Iyaz

'Alicia Keys is a powerhouse'
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It's a significant year for Chris Difford. Later this year he rejoins his former band Squeeze for a major tour (they reunited for a handful of shows in 2007), and will rejoin co-founder Glenn Tilbrook to start writing their first album since they split in 1999, while he is currently releasing his fourth solo album. Not only is it a time when his musical past and present merge; it's also his 18th year sober.

Vocals - Alicia Keys

The singer is a powerhouse. She's somebody that you want in a group, she could hold it all together. Also, she's easy on the eyes. I like her recent single "Doesn't Mean Anything". She gets better and better. Can I sing with her though?

Backing vocals - Bob Marley

He's one of my idols and it would be an honour to have him included. I love the kind of music he made, it's the kind of music I like to make: positive music and everything that is put in the songs is really melodic. My Dad used to listen to him all the time.

Bassist - Mike Dirnt

I love everything that Green Day do. Not only are they great artists, they're great businessmen. Right now they're branching out and they've got a Broadway show, they're trying to be different to other rock acts out there and they are thinking outside the box. They've turned themselves into a brand. I want all that. Your own Broadway show would be fun, right?

Guitar - Slash

He is basically the best guitar player of all time and in my band, I want the best of everybody. I wouldn't say I'm a massive Gun 'N' Roses fan at all, I just want him as a character.

Drums - Tré Cool

I've chosen another Green Day member! I actually did a cover of their song "21 Guns" for Billboard. I really like "Wake Me Up When September Ends", too.

Keyboard - J R Rotem

He's actually a producer. He produced my singles "Replay" and "Solo" and he has a special ear for melodies and harmonies. He can improvise and add stuff. He's brilliant.

Iyaz's debut album Replay is out now