My Fantasy Band: Jack Penate

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Vocals: Joanna Newsom, Kate Bush and Thom Yorke
They all have a lot of personality and I'd really like to hear them harmonise together. If they can perform one of my songs, that'd be the dream.

Guitar: Shuggie Otis and Jeff Buckley
Otis's "Inspiration Information" is one of my favourite records and Buckley needs no reason other than he's amazing. I think they'd work really well together.

Bass: James Jamerson
The Motown bassist was apparently a big drinker, so it'd be fun having him on board. He could keep morale up.

Piano: Ray Charles
He could make the piano sound incredibly beautiful but also make it fast and exciting.

Drums: Levon Helm
About four years ago I travelled to Woodstock to see him play in a barn, that's how much I love him. He has no money left so you buy a ticket and go into his house and he plays all The Band songs. They're my favourite band in the world so my mum took me as a kind of pilgrimage.

Horns: Miles Davis and Charlie Parker
I'd keep them quite restricted; I wouldn't let them go too crazy. I'd give them a few bars to really let go. I'd like to call this band The L'Oreals. Because we're worth it.

Jack Peñate's new album "Everything Is New" is released on 22 June on XL Recordings