My Fantasy Band: James Ford, Simian Mobile Disco

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Vocals - Ozzy Osbourne
Obviously he's an amazing frontman and is known for being pretty nuts but I think he's a really underrated writer, too. Some of the melodies on the earlier Black Sabbath records are incredible. I'd like him or R. Kelly to front this band.

Guitar - Graham Coxon
I saw Blur recently and I think he makes some wonderful noises. He manages to use a guitar not so much like a guitar.

Keyboard - Delia Derbyshire
She'd bring all her weird old synthesizers from her time at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and make lots of strange noises. She's best known for her work on the 'Doctor Who' theme tune and she's a proper hero of mine.

Bass - Bootsy Collins
He would bring a bit of madness to proceedings. He has that psychedelic something going on. He's the Jimi Hendrix of bass.

Drums - Christian Vander
He's from the band Magma. I saw them play once and he was amazing. He plays like a monster but he also sings in a language that he's made up, called Kobaïan.

Simian Mobile Disco's album Temporary Pleasure is out now. They tour the UK throughout September and October, for details go to