My Fantasy Band: James Morrison


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Drums - Andy Newmark

He was the drummer on Sly and the Family Stone's album, 'Fresh', which is one of my favourite albums. All the drums on it are just amazing. He was a really young guy when that was made and I find his work really inspiring every time I listen to that record.

Guitar - Jimmy Page

I was going to go for Jimi Hendrix but he's a little bit unruly so I picked Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin because he can pretty much play anything and it will sound incredible.

Keyboards - Stevie Wonder

I don't like that many keyboard players, but I went for Stevie Wonder because he's written some of my favourite songs: "Maybe Your Baby", "Superstition", "Love's in Need of Love Today". His chords are amazing.

Bass - Nathan Watts

He plays all the bass on Stevie's albums; he's been playing with him since the Seventies. He's so good and it's not like it's easy stuff either. He can cover everything.

Vocals - Dan Auerbach

He's one half of The Black Keys and a sick blues, pop-rock, singer. Wouldn't it be amazing if he had his guitar too? If I could be in any band at the moment, it would be The Black Keys; they look like they're having so much fun.

James Morrison's new single, 'One Life', is out on March 26 (