My Fantasy Band: Jeremy Pritchard, Everything, Everything


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Drums - Todd Trainer

He plays in Steve Albini's band, Shellac. He's a very solid rock drummer, but he's also very technical in the music that he plays. There are a lot of awkward, angular time changes; he plays quite epically, but it's not overly showy. We went to see them a couple of years ago and you can see his internal clock.

Bass - Carlos D

He's Interpol's former bassist and he's quite unusual because he's very playful with the instrument. I play bass and when I saw Interpol when I was about 20 it was really invigorating to see what he was doing. He's very stylish and seemed to embody what was appealing about that band.

Guitar - Graham Coxon

When I was about 12, Blur were the first band I ever really got into. It's quite interesting that his solo work sounds more like Blur than Damon Albarn's. Perhaps because Damon deliberately moved away from that sound, but I think it shows how much Graham Coxon contributed to the band. They were perceived as a chirpy, cockney band for a long time, but actually what he was playing was so rough and weird and against the grain of the songs a lot of the time.

Keyboards - James Blake

He's very noted as a singer, producer and songwriter, but inherent in all of that is his really deep understanding of harmony and that comes from playing piano. I think he's so skilled and quite an emotional player.

Vocals - Nate Dogg

The sound of his voice is fairly unique, at least in the world in which it exists. There are no gangster singers, per se, at least there certainly weren't in the 1990s. His voice is sort of like velvet, it's melodic and smooth, but he's singing about the usual subjects that gangsta rap revolves around and that juxtaposition is really amusing and fascinating. I just love the sound of his voice. There's no doubting that this band would sound horrible.

Everything Everything will be performing at the Relentless Freeze Festival (, which takes place on 28 & 29 October at London's Battersea Power Station