My Fantasy Band: Joe Copcutt, Rise to Remain


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Drums - Thomas Lang

He's an Austrian session drummer. He's insane. He's a favourite of ours – we all watch him on YouTube. I'd say he's the most talented drummer I've ever seen.

Bass - Tim Commerford

My favourite bass player of all time is Tim from Rage Against the Machine. He's just incredible. I grew up listening to him and I base a lot of my playing on him. On every song he changes the tone to suit the song. His style is incredibly unique as he has only ever used pizzicato technique, which is very rare in the metal/rock genre, as most players tend to use a plectrum to play bass. This has been a huge influence on me – I have never played with a plectrum either. He modifies his Fender Jazz basses with Precision Bass necks, as well as modifying the pickups and bridges on all of his instruments. So you know he takes his playing seriously.

Vocals - Jamey Jasta

That's a tough one, but I'd have to say Jamey Jasta, the singer in Hatebreed. They were my favourite band growing up. A lot of people think they're a negative band, but they are the opposite. Jamey is such a great frontman, he really commands the crowd. He has a very powerful voice; it's really aggressive and that's what makes you want to listen. We toured with them last December and it was a dream come true for us. I'd never watched a band perform every single night, but without fail I watched them consistently, every night of the tour.

Guitar - Dimebag Darrell

He's the riff god. If it weren't for Pantera, we wouldn't be doing what we're doing. Everyone who's into metal is into that band. He had such a style, using dive bombs within riffs. He used blues, but in a metal way, in thunderous riffs. You can put on any Pantera song and know it's Dimebag Darrell. He's our idol. A legend. Rest in peace.

Rise to Remain's debut album, 'City of Vultures', is out now on EMI