My Fantasy Band: Joe Mount, Metronomy

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Drums - Bernard "Pretty" Purdie

He has played with a lot of people and he should be the drummer for every band in the world, really. He's an amazing and charismatic session drummer who has played on tons of amazing records. I first came across him on 'Aja' by Steely Dan, on which he plays this shuffle drum beat called the Purdie Shuffle, which is a very particular shuffling drum rhythm; it's ridiculous. Apparently, when he turns up to sessions he hangs up a banner which says "You gone done it, you gone hired the Hitmaker".

Synths - Malcolm Cecil

I decided to do away with the bass player and get a synthesiser player instead. He was one half of Tonto's Expanding Head Band. They built this synthesiser called Tonto and thought it was going to be the future of music. They ended up playing with Stevie Wonder and were responsible for a lot of the low-end bass on those records.

Guitar - Elliot Easton

He played in The Cars. I'm a very bad self-taught guitarist and every solo I've tried is a botched Elliot Easton solo. It's a very FM radio solo and I think for the pleasure of watching someone do it well I'd get him in. I'm not the type of person who has many guitar heroes but he's the one. He's a similar age to the others so we don't have to worry about how they'll get on on the bus.

Vocals - Lauren Laverne

I used to love Kenickie. There must be so many people who know her as a presenter but don't know that she was a singer and she was pretty good. She might be the wild card in the band but I'd be willing to risk it to hear her sing. When I see her now I get properly star struck.

Metronomy's new single 'Everything Goes My Way' is out on 7 November.