My Fantasy Band - Jordan Gatesmith, Howler


Vocals - Lux Interior
He was The Cramps' frontman – he died about three years ago. His voice was so spooky and so scary, as if a ghoul or a skeleton could sing. He was really punk rock.

Drums - Jerry Fuchs
He played drums live for LCD Soundsystem until he died in a freak elevator accident. It was really sad. He played for tons of other bands too. He was really cool and just an amazing drummer to watch.

Guitar - Johnny Marr
Why do I want Johnny Marr? Because he's Johnny Marr! I think he and Jerry Fuchs would create an irresistible rhythm that everyone would have to just dance to until they were dead. He's one of my favourite guitarists and comes up with some really interesting and complex guitar lines, which are very melodic at the same time.

Guitar - Nick Zinner
I'd like two guitarists in this band please. I have a lot of time for Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Zinner is great. He's kind of the anti-Johnny Marr: Marr plays pretty; Zinner will bring the dirt and a little scum with him.

Bass - Whoever
You can just pick up anyone on the street to come and play bass. Anybody can play it, it's the stupidest instrument in the world. Perhaps we can just grab a homeless guy to do it or something. Have I just had a fight with our bass player? Maybe.

Howler's debut album, 'America Give Up', is out now on Rough Trade. Howler are currently touring the UK. See for details.