My Fantasy Band: King Creosote


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Vocals - Morten Harket

I'd like A-ha's Morten Harket for his range and on-the-money pitching, but I'd have Dan Willson, aka Withered Hand, write his lyrics. I'm a big fan of A-ha, and I've probably sung along with Morten more than most other singers, albeit in wonky tuning a third or fifth lower, but his voice deserves the UK's best lyricist.

Vocals - Heidi Talbot

I've no idea how my two leads would work together, but even if they took each verse in turn it'd be an amazing duet of angels.

Percussion - Amaury Ranger

If you've ever seen Francois & the Atlas Mountains you'll know why it has to be the flamboyant Amaury who'll be keeping time on his upturned gourd in my fantasy band.

Bass - Derek Forbes

This is a difficult choice but I'd probably opt for Derek Forbes of Simple Minds circa 1981, for he had a right good solid bark to his playing, none too flowery. He'd have to tone it down to a warning growl in this band, though.

Guitar - Jack White

I would happily do without a guitarist giving it "Widow Twankey" all over the shop, but then I remembered seeing Jack White at King Tut's in Glasgow and thought, "That's how it's done."

Piano - Jon Hopkins

Of course I've chosen Jon Hopkins. Not only is Jon pitch-perfect, he graduated from the "Less-is-more Academy of Musical Taste" with flying colours.

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins' 'Diamond Mine' (Jubilee Edition) is out now on Domino. King Creosote's EP 'I Learned from the Gaels' is out on 28 May