My Fantasy Band: Kyle Falconer, The View

Interview by Gillian Orr
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Vocals: Stevie Nicks

She was the first person I ever heard sing who I thought had the subtle touch. I thought her voice was so haunting on some of her songs. The way she sings, it makes you want to know more about the lyric. There's something in it that makes you want to listen more. I do like her solo stuff, but Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' is in my top five albums. Actually, "Dreams" is my favourite song of all time.

Bass: Paul McCartney

I know that's a bit typical, but he's really versatile and it's not as if he just sticks to the same sounds. Obviously he has those muted bass lines that he did with the Beatles, and I think it's great when he plays the violin bass; I even like his stuff with Wings. His harmonising with Stevie Nicks would be something to die for. I went to see him at the Roundhouse in Camden, with Serge from Kasabian. We met him afterwards and I was a bit drunk, and had to really try and contain myself.

Guitar: Eric Clapton

When Clapton plays on "Yer Blues" in 'The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus', it's unbelievable. He does this big solo and he's totally in the moment. I pick him just for that; seeing that performance made me want to be a guitarist.

Keyboard: Billy Preston

I've always been a massive Beatles fan, and one day I realised this old organ that we had sitting around our house made the same noise that was on some of their songs, so I tried to teach myself how to play "Get Back" on it. Billy Preston, that would be rocking.

Drums: Keith Moon

He just made it look effortless and his playing was phenomenal. He'd also keep the party going in the band, you need someone to do it. He could egg on Paul McCartney.

The View's third album, 'Bread and Circuses', is out on Monday