My Fantasy Band: Lulu James

'She sang with such emotion; you knew she meant every word of what she was singing'
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Vocals: Amy Winehouse

She had an amazing pair of lungs and I loved her the very first time I heard her. She sang with such emotion and feeling; you knew she meant every word of what she was singing.

Backing vocals: Gil Scott-Heron, Beyoncé & John Legend

Gil Scott-Heron had such a soulful voice and wicked banter. There's something about his music that makes you feel like you know him. Beyoncé is a fantastic performer and I feel like she's a great role model, too. I have to include John Legend because he's incredible.

Lead guitar: Jimi Hendrix

Who else would you pick? He did amazing things on the guitar that nobody has come close to since. He didn't just play, he changed everything.

Rhythm guitar: Dave Okumu

I've worked with him and he's an absolute genius and a stunning guitarist. I love his band The Invisible as well.

Bass: OJ

He's a busker who hangs out on Northumberland Street in Newcastle. He is slick, cool and amazingly talented. He rocks the bass. He's not famous but he should be.

Drums: Jamie XX

I live for him, I think he's amazing. He's brought a whole new thing to rhythmic production. He can definitely get his steel drums out for me; he loves them.

Keys: Alicia Keys

She's also an amazing vocalist but she looks so great playing the piano that I'm putting her there.

Lulu James' new single 'Stuck' is out now on Black Butter.