My Fantasy Band: Marina Diamandis, Marina and the Diamonds

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Vocals - Brody Dalle
The Distillers frontwoman's voice is really raw and quite aggressive, but completely beautiful at the same time; she doesn't really sound like a woman. And she's an amazing frontperson: so much energy. I really want to see her new band Spinnerette, but it seems that every time they play over here I have a gig on myself, so I miss them. I'd love to meet her one day.

Guitar - Kurt Cobain
I was probably about nine years old when he died, but I eventually got into his music and like every other teenager on the planet, I loved him. He composed most of his songs on guitar, too.

Keys - Kate Bush
She's one of the most experimental artists, melodically and production wise. She does these fantastically odd arrangements. When I started, everyone said I sounded a bit like her but I'd never really listened to her before so I went out and got all her records, listened, and thought, "Wow, she's a genius".

Drums - Daniel Johnston
The only reason I got into Daniel Johnston was because Kurt Cobain was a big fan of his. He's schizophrenic and I reckon he would come out with some interesting, crazy drum arrangements. He seems like he's got a lot of anger inside of him, a lot of anguish.

Theremin -
He's used the theremin on his recent records a lot so I'd really like to get him playing it. I'm not really into R&B, but I've got a few of the Black Eyed Peas albums and I just think he's not afraid to experiment; with the latest record, he's kind of done that through the production. They kind of do what they want whether people like them or not, which is nice.

'The Crown Jewels EP' by Marina and the Diamonds is available to download now