My Fantasy Band: Mat Horne

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Vocals - Tim Booth

I'm a really big fan of James and think he has a really interesting male voice. I found that band completely enchanting and as a frontman he's quite odd and ethereal with a very strong vocal. I've always loved him, I think he's amazing. I saw them at the Royal Albert Hall, he looks as odd as ever.

Guitar - Graham Coxon

When I was a teenager I just wanted to be him. I always felt that he was never exercising his guitar abilities in Blur quite as much as he did in his solo work. He just looked really cool.

Bass - Carlos D

He's very tall and it's pretty amazing he's made such a name for himself when he's a bassist. Now he's left Interpol I have got no idea what he's up to but I'm sure he'll do something interesting. God knows what happened in that band.

Drums - Jack Savidge

Because he's a really lovely man, a really skilled drummer and he has one of those snake cymbals which is always fun. It's when they hang in a spiral almost like a slinky spring. When you hit them they quiver all the way from the top to the bottom.

Keyboards - Stuart Price

He has loads of guises, he does record producing, re-mixing, he's been known as a DJ as DJ Jacques Lu Cont, he had a band called Zoot Woman, another called Les Rythmes Digitales, in which he played synths in a white boiler suit. He's a complete genius.

Mat Horne DJs at the Underage Festival on Sunday (