My Fantasy Band: Melissa Etheridge

'Kenny Aronoff is a powerful, powerful drummer'
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Vocals - Janis Joplin

Should I go for who I want to hear or who I want to see? Those are two very different things! I'd have Janis Joplin come out and sing. I was 21 when I started listening to her and really understanding her intensity and what she could do. She would take an old blues song and put a rock thing to it. It was incredible what she did.

Vocals - Elvis Presley

I want to see Elvis Presley, he was the entertainer. He also knew those bluesy roots and he was one of the people who invented blues and country making a rock'n'roll lovechild. He was the coolest.

Guitar - Stevie Ray Vaughan

I'd have him come back and play again. He was one of the most amazing, emotional and passionate guitar players ever. Really incredible.

Bass - Tony Levin

He's been Peter Gabriel's bass player forever. He's really unique; he basically invented taping drumsticks to your fingers to play the bass, like hitting the bass. It's how you get the unique, rhythmic stuff that Peter Gabriel does.

Drums - Kenny Aronoff

He's actually a drummer that I have played with. He has also played with John Mellencamp, Elton John and the Smashing Pumpkins. He is a powerful, powerful drummer. He's so fun to watch play, he's very bold.

Melissa Etheridge plays Hard Rock Calling on Saturday 26 June, for more information go to or