My Fantasy Band: Melody Prochet, Melody's Echo Chamber

'I've never heard dad play bass but it'd be cool to hang out'

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Vocals: Selda BaGcan

She's a Turkish folk singer who was previously persecuted in the 1980s by the government for attacking politicians in her songs. But even without this context, her voice is so strong and inspiring.

Drummer: Jaki Liebezeit

He's got the most unique groove that just locks you in. There are so many great German drummers from that era, but he's got to be my favourite drummer of all time.

Bass: Atillio Prochet

That's my dad. I'm thinking about asking him to play bass on my next record. I've never actually heard him play but if nothing else it'd be cool to hang out together.

Synth: Simeon

He played on this primitive synthesizer that he made himself called the Simeon! Silver Apples' record Contact was such an inspiration when making my album.

Guitar: Ruban Nielson

Ruban's Unknown Mortal Orchestra record was one of the best new albums I had heard in a while when it came out. He covered one of my songs "Endless Shore".

Ondes Martenot: Jeanne Loriot

She was the best ondes Martenot player. Maurice Martenot, who invented the instrument, taught her. It would have been a dream for her to teach me how to play.

Melody's Echo Chamber's debut album, 'Melody's Echo Chamber', is released on Monday. They play London's Cargo on Tuesday