My Fantasy Band: Mikel Jollett, Airborne Toxic Event

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Vocals - Joe Strummer
Not because he had the best voice or anything, but there's something kind of unhinged and totally rock'n'roll about him. He had fire in his belly. You want a riot to break out in the audience or something, otherwise it's just folk music with a back beat.

Guitar Johnny Marr
The Smiths' guitarist would be the glue to hold this band together. He has such skill and is really interested in what makes a song a song and how the guitar can create different musical palettes in songs.

Bass - Eric Avery
He plays bass with Jane's Addiction and wrote the bass line for their song "Three Days", which is brilliant. The thing about bass players is that you need someone who can sit in the pocket a bit but also who can really play when the time comes.

Drums Stephen Perkins
I basically want the middle section of Jane's Addiction as it's one of the best in the history of rock'n'roll, so I want their drummer, Stephen Perkins, to join them. They can be frenetic and chaotic and then do straight up rock, too. They can do any kind of style. Everyone always forgets Jane's Addiction come from Los Angeles, as we do too. We like to remind people that LA actually has a really great live scene.