My Fantasy Band: Nathan Morris Boyz II Men


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Guitar - Jimi Hendrix I want him for his ability to adapt to absolutely anything. It doesn't matter what style of music he's playing: Hendrix is Hendrix. What you really want in a lead guitarist is to have someone who has a feel for any type of music, like he did.

Bass - Christian McBride I'm not sure how well known he is in the UK, but he's a fantastic bassist. I went to school with him and he's a humongous jazz artist in the States. I would pick him because, like Jimi, he's very easy to adapt to any given situation. He may do jazz as a career, but he plays R&B, classical, rock; he can play everything.

Drums - Questlove I also went to school with Questlove. We sat next to each other for four years. Actually most of his band, The Roots, went to the same school as we went to. It was a performing arts school and I know what he's capable of. Whatever type of music you need him to play, he can play.

Keyboard - Brian McKnight There's a lot of different people out there who are great on keys, but I'm going to use my personal experience and go for Brian McKnight as he is incredible, whether he's reading music or just having a jam.

Vocals - Wanya Morris I'm going to be biased here and say Wanya Morris from Boyz II Men, because I personally think that if you compiled the top three or four singers in the world then he would be on that list. There are not many people who can do what he does vocally, whether it's impromptu or staged. He's been groomed to be able to do it all, so he would be my guy upfront.

Boyz II Men's new album, 'Twenty', is out now.