My Fantasy Band Orlando Weeks, The Maccabees

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Vocals - Lou Reed
He has the most wonderful, lived-in, voice I've ever heard. There's so much theatrical drama to it but he still sounds really sincere.

Guitar - Darrel Hawkins
He's the guitarist with a band called Wild Palms, the last new guitarist that I saw and was really impressed by. I'm not a very good guitarist so I'm not that great at spotting it but I remember thinking that he really made the cut.

Bass - Carlos D
Interpol's bassist plays so aggressively but he also floats around the stage. I think that sums up Interpol in a way too; this duality of aggression with a more dreamy, floaty presence.

Piano - Antony Hegarty
I saw 'Berlin', the Lou Reed film, and as an encore Lou Reed and Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons did the Velvet Underground song "Candy Says". His voice is so haunting.

Drums - Christopher Bear
He's the drummer with Grizzly Bear. He's really classy. He can sing quite well too, so now I've got a whole choir.

The Maccabees' new album, 'Wall of Arms', is out on Monday. They perform an intimate home gig on 15 May in Brighton; to win tickets go to www.