My fantasy band: Patrick Wimberly from Chairlift


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Drums Stevie Wonder

He's got the soul to carry the band. Many people may not know that Stevie played the drums on "Superstition" (Motown founder Berry Gordy insisted he do it himself). That groove seems simple, but no one can do it like he can.


Bass Mike Gordon

I would be playing bass if I could because in my fantasy I get to be in a band with Stevie Wonder. Since I can't be IN the band, I'll just produce their records. Let's say Mike Gordon of Phish is playing bass.


Synths Brian Eno

Brian Eno is playing synths and providing the sonic sculpture. I imagine a pool of Eno's shimmering ambient clouds hovering above Wonder's mad grooves. Brilliant.


Pedal Steel Travis Rosenberg

I'd have a musician called Travis Rosenberg playing pedal steel. He's like a young Daniel Lanois. Paired with Eno, they'd make some real space magic. He could also double on guitar if needed; he can play anything.


Vocals Himanshu Suri and Victor Vazquez

Two-thirds of the hip-hop group Das Racist. Himanshu Suri allows the band to make extremely relevant music without ever taking itself too seriously. Humour is important and so is intelligence. He's got both. I'll probably want Victor in there, too. Victor and Hima are an explosive duo. The way they creatively bounce off each other is untouchable.


Guitar Miguel

I'm slightly obsessed with his record All I Want is You and my fantasy band is really a rap/R&B band: he brings the R&B. I like to imagine what Miguel's next record would sound like if it was produced by Brian Eno. Whoa.


Backing vocals Kelly Rowland

Destiny's Child was my favourite group in high school and Beyoncé seems too busy right now. She'd nail those hooks.


Chairlift's new album, 'Something', is out on Monday. They play London's The Borderline on 6 March.